Choosing Between Blinds and Plantation Shutters


Are you looking for ways to boost the beauty of your home or add a touch of elegance to your office? There are plenty of ways to do this and one of them is to use plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are not only highly functional in these situations, but also come in many styles and colors. No matter the theme you are looking to implement in your home, you can be sure to get plantation blinds to suit that purpose.

When you are searching for the best window treatment options, you may find it tough to choose between blinds and shutters. While it may be an easy choice for professionals, you may be confused by some terms used to describe the functionality that you will get with each choice. One of the most common one is Bypass. Bypass is the ability of two or more panels to pass beneath each other. They are usually designed in such a way that louvers can be easily opened or closed even when stacked in this position.

Another common term is the divider rails, which refer to the rails that are used to provide extra strength in order to support the panels. Hang strips are rectangular pieces normally mounted outside the openings. They can be mounted on the panel using a wraparound strip or recessed in the opening, click here for more info!

Shutters are designed to provide privacy and room darkening abilities. Plantation shutters are some of the most common types of shutters that you can install in your home. They are not only beautiful, but also effective for energy conservation purposes. Plantation shutters can be made from either wood or vinyl, hence provide a wide variety of options to choose from.For more facts and information regarding plantation shutters, you can go to

Blinds are also made from wood, metal, or plastic. They usually have a stacked designed which allows you to tilt the slats and control the amount of light you would like to let into the room. You can either tilt the slats for a small amount of light to go through or you can lift the cord to pull the slats together hence provide you with an unobstructed view, read more here!

Your choice of either blinds or shutters should depend on a variety of factors with the most important being the type of windows in your home. Some window designs will only allow you to install blinds while others are perfectly designed for shutter installation. Have a talk with a professional who will advise you accordingly on choosing the best among the two based on the windows you have in your home or office.


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